Since the very first CANTER rolled out in 1963, it has equipped businesses everywhere with one thing – reliability. Now, almost 50 years down the line, its legacy still continues strongly. The reason for its success can be found in its innnovative features and also the fact that it is made by understanding a customer’s needs. Today, it is sold and continues to be driven all over Asia, as we are sure it will be for many years to come.   

EURO II Turbocharged Engine
CANTER engines have the power for your light-duty needs. The latest EURO 2 rated engine found in CANTER produces an output of 100ps@2900rpm and a torque of 370Nm@1600rpm. It also produces less NOx (Nitrogen Oxides) and less black smoke. This doesn't make it environmentally friendly; it means better fuel economy too.

New Chrome Facelit
The CENTER is equipped with a new style facelit.

In-Dash Gearshift
The CANTER is equipped with a newly developed in-dash gearshift with a crisp-shifting short stroke. Within easy reach of the steering wheel, it lets the driver assume a comfortable upright sitting positioneven when shifting, thus reducing fatique.

Reverse Sensor
Reverse Sensor for easy reverse operation.

Stylist Instrument Cluster
New stylish and easy-to-read instrument cluster.

Power Window & Center Locking System
To provide a better security locking system and power window.

Well Organized Dashboard
Simple, compact & functional dashboard. Ergonomic arrangement of switchers, levers and open storage space.

6mm Chasis Frame
Enforcement of chassis frame.

New Seat with Wide Adjustment
New seat design with wide seat adjustment to provide comfortable driving position.